KwikPlot Navigational Plotters

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KwikPlot Navigational Plotters


Are You Paying Attention?? We are!!

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At MLO Aviator Products, we provide best materials and technologies that are available for our products and customers.

Whether your a general aviation, military or commercial pilot, you know that the "KwikPlot" brand is known for quality.

We have: EXPERIENCE - Our products are designed "by pilots for pilots"!!!

All of our products undergo field tests that most companies won't participate in. We have set a New MIL-Spec standards on several products.

The KwikPlot navigational series plotters are a complete aviation upgrade in plotter technology.

Over the past 60 years, pilots have witnessed some remarkable improvements in aviation, including flight simulator and flight planning software for home computers, composite aircraft construction techniques, and GPS systems. However, one item has changed very little since its appearance in 1942 and is used by all pilots: the navigational plotter.

The standard plotter, with a fixed "protractor" or azimuth, remains the most popular, even though it's fairly difficult to use. Over the years, it's been slightly upgraded to versions that fold or have a rotating azimuth, but even those aren't much easier to work with. But, when MLO Aviator Products introduced the KwikPlot series to aviation industry in 1992, things changed.

1. KwikPlot was the first to offer a no-hassle Lifetime Guarantee!

2. KwikPlot is made 100% in U.S.A. Labor and Materials

3. KwikPlot was the first to manufacture with Lexan, A patented product of General Electric, to ensure quality and prevent heat warpage or cold breakage.

4. KwikPlot was the first to manufacture a helicopter version "NP-2" for helicopter pilots needing helicopter enroute mileage scale.

5. KwikPlot is the first and only plotter that uses a patented matte finish which has 3 functions: write and erase with a #2 pencil, reduces reflective light (Red Lens)and if scratched, scratches seem to disappear when plotter is placed on your chart!

6. KwikPlot is the first plotter that is solid sheet Lexan!

7. KwikPlot is the first to manufacture a mulitple use plotter for special military operations.

Our new MP-1F NSN 6605-01-562-0628 Special Ops-Ground/Air FOLDING Plotter which is now standard issue for the U.S. ARMY  Aviation Training Center at Fort Rucker, AL