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Pilot Products Moving maps and other tricks (From AOPA Pilot, May 1994.) Thomas B. Haines BRIEFLY NOTED Those of us who learned to fly a decade or more ago and maybe even some more recently trained pilots were forced to use large, clunky, and cumbersome plotters to plan cross-country flights. My 1970s-era plotter long ago turned yellow and broke. With the advent of loran and GPS, direct-to has become a way of life, but one still has the occasional need for a plotter, as do today's students. Two new plotters offer ease of use and promise a much longer life than the old set. KwikPlot from MLO Aviator Products is a 4 x 9.5-inch clear plotter with both nautical and statute mile scales for sectionals and WACs. The KwikPlot is far easier to use than the old style. The KwikPlot offers a more exacting scale. KwikPlot is available from MLO Aviator Products. TBH


April 1994
Pilot Products
If the truth be told, I've never been a fan of navigation plotters with fixed protractors. I can never remember if I'm supposed to place the center hole over the intersection of my course line and a line of latitude or longitude, and whether I'm supposed to find my true course on the outer or inner scale when flying north-south or east-west. Additionally, the nautical mile scale is usually underneath the statute mile scale, which makes the distance measurement a challenge, and I rarely have a pencil sharp enough to fit through the center hole.
Then I found the KwikPlot, made by MLO Aviator Products of Hackettstown, NJ. It's so easy to use that I've retired my 20-year-old rotating protractor plotter. With the plotter's compass rose pointing north, all you have to do to find your true course is place the "+" in the center of the compass rose on your course line, line up one of the vertical or horizontal lines with the sectional chart's nearest line of latitude or longitude, and read your true course on compass rose where your course line crosses it. All that's left is to add or subtract the magnetic variation as required. Simple - and easy to remember!
As a bonus, the statue and nautical mile scales are on opposite sides of the plotter. And the sectional scale for each is on the edge, with the WAC (World Aeronautical Chart) scale underneath it. Additionally, the KwikPlot is made of .020 Lexan, which will not warp or delaminate, and is so tough that MLO is guaranteed with free replacement should it ever break. It's also smaller than the standard plotter, which makes it easier to store in your flight bag. It's about the same size as the slide in an E6B computer, and I keep my KwikPlot in my E6B case.
The KwikPlot would be a welcome and well-used addition to any pilot's flight bag.

The Perfect Plotter
MLO Aviator Products’ Kwikplot Navigational Plotter model MP-1F combines a number of functions into a single unit. The MP-1F includes GPS function and sectional coordinate grid readers, and four nautical mileage and three triangular meter grid reader scales. For more information, contact MLO Aviator at


An AvShop Customer from Boise, ID
Great plotter! I saw some folks complaining about the statute miles scale on the NP-1 plotter. Order this one (the NP-2) -- all the scales are in nautical miles. The two scales on the top are for sectional & WAC charts. On the bottom is a 1:125,000 helicopter enroute and 1:250,000 terminal chart scale. The size is great to just tuck in the flight bag.
Ken S. from San Diego, CA
Awesome plotter. I am a CFII, MEI, yada yada...I love it. It is the perfect size to slip into a knee board and it is the most intuitive plotter for teaching students to navigate. Hands down my #1 recommendation. All my students use them.
An AvShop Customer
This is the easiest, most convenient plotter on the market.

New Product: MP-1 Navigational Plotter and New MP-1F Rev 2 folding version

All Branches of U.S. Military, Allied Forces, Homeland Security and National EMS Units

For the past 80+ years the challenge of all branches and types of emergency services using the same terminology, particularly when accurate position coordinates and direction is needed, has been a rather dynamic challenge. During joint operations, this situation could be quite confusing when calling for protective fire support, civil rescue evacuations or for downed pilot rescue operations.
Scales of maps and charts used are not generally the same for all parties involved in the missions. This also creates some unique potential situations when calculating distances.

An example of this is: Pilots use degrees and artillery uses mils for direction. There are 17.8 mils to 1 degree. An error of 3 degrees = 53.4 mils or the error could change a protective fire mission into a friendly fire incident or a rescue mission to a recovery mission.

Though, the use and designs of the Global Positioning Systems devices are outstanding, they are not 100% trouble free. Signals can be interrupted, position reporting can be lost and battery power depleted. The use of maps and plotters are still necessary items for accurate navigation and call for fire.

Don Orfield, President, MLO Aviator Products, announced the development of the MP-1F –folding model of the MP-1 Navigational Plotter. Orfield, a former Aviator and Disabled American Veteran, designed the plotter for all Military Special Forces and branches of EMS service. Orfield, a veteran pilot and instructor states, “The design features allows all military and civilian rescue personnel to be on the same page, regardless of the type mission. The MP-1 took over 8 years to develop, test and be issued a NSN. The MP-1F is currently being used by several units deployed worldwide as well as some domestic EMS units. Our Newest model the, MP-1F plotter, can standardize multiple task applications. The MP-1F will also reduce government costs as its features replace several plotters needed to do the same tasks”.

The MP-1F is now standard issued plotters for the U.S. Army Aviation Training Facility at FT. Rucker, Al. These unique features include a 1:24,000 UTM grid reader for GPS applications, an inner azimuth degree and mils outer ring, a sectional coordinate grid reader, 4 nautical mileage scales and 3 triangular meter grid reader scales for attaining precision coordinates regardless of type map or chart used.

The Nautical mileage scales are; 1:250,000, 1:500,000, 1:1,000,000 and 1:2,000,000. The triangular coordinate grid readers are 1:25,000, 1:50,000, 1:100,000 and 1:250,000 all in meters. This feature is the some of the current military issued "Coordinate Scale and Protractor, GTA 5-12-1981". The MP-1F opened is 12.5" long by 5.0" in width and folds into a 4.25” x 5” which allows for easy storage and access in fatigue pockets and flight suits.
The MP-1F unfolded, has a 12” ruler which can be used if charts or maps are not in scale. The MP-1F unit will not break, warp like currently used products. Another feature, the MP-1F has a matte finish so there is no reflective glare for combat and pilot safety. The MP-1F has an area to write notes with a pencil and has additional symbols.

These features benefit the personnel in all branches of military as well as Homeland Security. The MP-1 or the MP-1F can be used in a combination of multiple applications for precision ground navigation when needed by Air Support, Armor, Artillery, Infantry, Mortar units as well as civilian rescue unit personnel in the event of any type of joint coordinated emergency mission is needed worldwide.

MLO Aviator Products also manufactures the popular KwikPlot™ brand navigational plotters, also designed by Orfield, for the civilian general aviation markets. The KwikPlot™ brand plotters popularity is do to the simple design, accurate readings and non-confusing scales. Orfield has been recognized and respected as one of the world’s foremost authorities on both civilian and military navigational systems for the past 28 years.

The MP-1F is a product has been recently cataloged and is now available by requisition through standard unit supply or GSA ordering procedures. The MP-1F is now assigned an NSN and may be requested through TRADOC.
All MLO products are manufactured with U.S. material, labor and proudly display’s, "Made in U.S.A."

Model- MP-1F Rev 2
Item Name: Plotter-Protractor, Air/ Land Navigation/ Folding