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How to use the Kwikplot MP-1 and MP-2 Grid Scales
NOTE: If you have a MP-1 with the EW grid finder, you may follow the same steps to find both Lat/Long by using only the NS portion of the plotters grid finder. EW is used for a different chart system, Not for Civilian Sectional Charts.


1.To find your latitude minutes of your target- Select your Target


2.Place the "0" of your scale minute reader directly on the target


3.Read the number from the scale where the latitude line insects the scale. If your target is North of a 30' latitude, add 30' to the scale number. Below the 30' latitude, the direct scale number is actual minutes.
COFIELD VOR = 36 degrees, 22', 00" N Lat.


4.To find the Longitude-Plotter must be turned as depicted.


5.Slide plotter scale "0" directly on the closest Longitude line to the right of target.


6.While maintaining the "0" on longitude line to the right of your target- Rotate plotter placing the "30" of scale to the left of target. Adjust so that your target is directly under the scale reader line.


7.Keeping the "30" on the long. left of target, "0" on right long, read the scale number directly on your target. If your target is left of a 30' add 30 to the number on the scale. If your target is right of the 30'long. Scale number is your actual minute number.
COFIELD VOR = 76 degrees,30'+ 22',00" = 76 degrees,52',00" W Longitude.