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Designed by a Pilot for Pilots


We have over 30 years experience with all makes and models rebuilding 2 cycle engines used in the ultralight aircraft.

All engine rebuilds include photos of the condition when shipped in.

We record the serial number tag

We photo the disassembly and all parts replaced with Rotax part

numbers and we photo reassembly phases for your confidence.


You will also get documentation which will further aid you should you

decide to sell your aircraft. 

For the last 21 years we are the only ones in the repair business to do this.

Here's what we do;


Photo engine before teardown

Check compression before and document in writing and photo

Remove and photo the drive system

Remove and photo all housings and recoil assembly

Plug all ports and Walnut shell blast casing and photo

Disassemble the magneto side and photo

Remove exhaust and intake, bead blast exhaust manifold

and walnut shell Blast intake manifold

Remove heads, cylinders and pistons

Deglaze cylinders, cross hatch cylinders, check all tolerances

Replace pistons (if needed), rings, wrist pin bearings-caged and wrist pins replaced

Split the crankcase- we always replace both mag and pto outer bearings and seals

Walnut blast the crankcases upper and lower and true the halves

Clean and reassemble with a special non hardening silicone

on all gaskets except exhaust(not auto store RTV)

All gaskets replaced and tolerances rechecked on engine at reassembly and documented

All nuts and bolts torqued to specs documented

Flywheel key replaced

Compression checked and documented

Ignition timing checked to specs

New O ring for gear case housing mount

Documentation with photo packet recorded with document number

and break-in data time sheet