KwikPlot Navigational Plotters

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Designed by a Pilot for Pilots


Kwikplot NP-14 Plotter- General Aviation

Same as our NP-1 only it is a 14 inch long version for cross country flights. The NP-14 has scales in 1:1,000,000 (World) and 1:500,000 (Sectional) and is designed to plot long cross-country flights. Great for hikers, hunters, fishermen, sailors, and boaters, too.

Pricing: $18.95


Kwikplot NP-2 Plotter- Very Popular with Law Enforcement, Helicopter Pilots- General Aviation

All Nautical mile in our standard world, sectional and class b format. The NP-2 stores in your E6B case for protective storage. The NP-2 has all Nautical Scales which are 1:1,000,000 (World), 1:500,000 (Sectional),1:250,000 (Class B) and 1:125,000 (Helicopter Enroute and MOST U.S.Forest Service TOPO Maps). Great for hikers, hunters, fishermen, sailors, and boaters, too. The size is 9.5/8" x 4" $15.95


NSN 6605-01-562-0628 Military MP-1F Rev 2 is a folding plotter with enhanced features. The enhanced features are: Folds to 4.250"x 5.00" and fits in Fatigue pockets or issued flight suits. The MP-1F allows room for Notes, has 12 frequently used combat symbols (Doghouses), expanded azimuth cut-outs (artillery & infantry) and can be used as a signaling device. This plotter took over 3 years to design and test. The MP-1F was specifically designed for the U.S. Army Aviators and is current issue for all U.S. Army Aviation .$29.95

MP-1F Quantity Pricing